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When CSI Met Dexter in My Bathroom

The red-splattered tiles spoke for themselves — this was definitely a crime scene — one worthy of the best CSI investigators.  In fact, I am sure that at first glance that anyone would have concluded that Dexter had recently paid a visit. I could see them pouring over the “blood splatters, speculating on the weapons used, the angles of entry and most of all the absence of the body.

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Blue Hair Suspensions and Mixed Priorities

There are many problems that have been facing our school systems for years. I would like to mention a few of them and then bring up a completely non-issue that has been made into an issue unnecessarily. The issues are teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and gang membership. The non issue is blue hair. You can re-read that if you would like as it is still there — blue hair. It is a non issue that was made into one by a young woman being suspended because her hair was dyed with Kool-Aid.

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