Does Commuting Destroy Relationships?

I read with intrigue an article about the effects of commuting on a relationship. It was particularly interesting to me as a person who takes a one hour train ride twice a day. According to the article, all it takes is a simple 45 minute commute to work to lead to a possible split between the couple. In my experience, however, this has not been the case. Here are some reasons why.

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Elizabeth Emerges Jewish

When I first started writing for GO Inside Magazine, I already had a long term life goal on my to-do list which could be summed up with two words: “get married.” A week from today, G-d willing, that is exactly what I am going to do.

By Thirty
I started watched Ally McBeal a couple of years after the show started and I really got into it. My best friend told me that the main character reminded him of a female version of me in that I was always talking about how I was going to find the right person and we were going to get married and have a fantastic life together.

Somehow, I was unlike most of my male friends, many of whom had no interest in getting married — or at least not at the age we were at the time, which was about twenty-two. My friends were certainly interested in dating but not for the purpose of finding a long term commitment that would ultimately lead to marriage. Rather, they had more carnal short term goals in mind, and were interested in staving off loneliness at the same time — until they could find someone else with whom they could spend their time.

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How Can You Stick with the Winners?

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Stick with the winners. That’s a powerful lesson as taught to me by none other than my dear friend, Joe Rich. What I am referring to is not the people who are necessarily successful in life, but the people who have positive, successful attitudes. By surrounding yourself with people that have such attitudes and avoiding people who are mired in negativity and a lack of motivation, he told me, you can be pushed to do better and rise above your own expectations. Here are some examples from my own life; they are of course exquisitely disguised as I am not too keen on libel lawsuits. You can judge for yourself which ones are the winners and which are the ones to be avoided and excised from your life.

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A Brighter Outlook

At least several times during the night I woke up with pounding pain in my head. This wasn’t the best way to start off the week but I allowed myself to continue falling back asleep and waking up every now and again. This morning, however, on my way to the office I decided that today was going to be an awesome day. Why was it going to be an awesome day? Because I decided it was going to be an awesome day.

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