Twenty Ten Rotating Image Header Tutorial for

UPDATE:  December 9, 2010
This morning, we removed the rotating headers from all 13 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network because calling all those remote images was significantly adding a lot of page load time for our articles.  We’ve gone back to using a single header image for each blog hosted here on, and we hope you’ll notice, and appreciate, the speed gains.  This tutorial is still valid as of this writing, so if you’re still interested in remotely serving called image headers for your blog, the information here should still be valid.

After reading a keen blog post from Automattic’s Nick Momrik — concerning new default image headers for the Twenty Ten theme — I decided to see if I could get my Cutline Rotating Image Header Tutorial working with the new, default, Twenty Ten theme we are currently using for the Boles Blogs Network here on

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Pick a Header Color, Any Color!

Do you like how my “David W. Boles’ WordPress Blog” header looks?

You can have it, too!

Go into your PRESENTATION menu on and then choose the “WordPress Default 1.5” theme and then once that theme is active you choose “Current Theme Options” while still in PRESENTATION view and there you can do yer a’ pickin’!