Will We Ever Eat Healthy at McDonald’s?

As a healthy eater, and as a Vegan, I have been a longtime supporter of McDonald’s long-suffering effort to offer a better, and healthier menu, at an affordable price, for their millions of daily customers.

Here’s my review of their new “McVeggie” sandwich — published on January 2, 1999:

The McDonalds McVeggie burger can be found in limited availability. In New York City, there are three or four McDonalds in Manhattan that offer the McVeggie. In locations that offer the McVeggie, you’ll find signs outside and large banners inside touting the McVeggie. There’s even a “McVeggie Extra Value Meal” that offers a large drink and large fries with the sandwich! The full-color McVeggie Extra Value Meal sign was professionally made and looked like all the other food images hanging behind the cashiers. The McVeggie is certainly not a scribbled-on after-thought and it appears to be a full member of the McDonalds family in these limited locations.

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How to Make Unhealthy Oatmeal

There’s nothing quite as filling as a hot bowlful of steel cut or rolled oats in the morning.  You are filled up, sustained, and comforted by all that fibrous goodness.  Oatmeal starts your day off right.  When I read McDonald’s planned to offer oatmeal with fresh fruit, I was giddy that the mega-fast food giant was finally turning a health corner and doing the right thing.

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