Benicar HCT to the Rescue

I have been able to self-manage my high blood pressure for 20 years.  I have controlled it through exercise, diet, meditation and a determined mind to force my body to properly behave — but now the haunting words of my initial diagnosis two decades ago, “You’re blood pressure is a little high,” is coming back to bite me.  “There’s no shame in having high blood pressure,” my doctor said at the time, “It’s just how you’re piped.” I disagreed with him, and vowed to cure myself, and I set about on my Vegan voyage that has paid off as well as I could expect up until now.

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Are Your Crowns Killing You?

I’m not for terrifying people much, but when you have a mouthful of crowns and new niches for bacteria are available, you can become slightly unhinged reading about teeth and whole body healing.

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Chasing Coronary Demons

by Steve Gaines

for the better part of sixty-five years
(that’s a rounded off number of course…
more like sixty-three years and six months)
I’ve been chasing the coronary demons
the ones I’ve only recently caught up with
…about ten years ago actually
(another rounded off number…
but never mind the precise number)

for many years…I suppose you could say… I “abused” it
burgers and fires and hot fudge sundaes…
that sort of abuse!
and for the last ten…
I suppose you could say…I “over worked” it
marathons bicycle rides long distant walking…
that sort of work!

however you spell it
lately…things have begun to wear out in a serious way
joints and tendons
and those invisible vessels running over my heart

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