Celebrating Lotsa Helping Hands

When your health fails you — where can you turn for help beyond the church or your immediate family or the hospital — to help you manage your care?  One source of power is a free online community called “Lotsa Helping Hands” that helps coordinate caregiving.

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The Haitian Massacre of We Are the World

Am I the only one disturbed by the celebrity media over-saturation to help Haiti while New Orleans is still rotting in the mold and muck of hurricane Katrina? Did I miss the breaking news that New Orleans was put back to average after years of malicious neglect? Where is the ongoing emergency celebrity effort in Louisiana?

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Tweeting for Help From ComcastBill

We all know I love Comcast — except when I’m rarely hating on them — and we all know I don’t like Twitter even though I use it every day, so what happens when your first beloved betrays you and the second coming of your loathing, meet?  You get a socially swampy, memeingful, mashup as ComcastBill rides to your rescue.  Here’s how the Comcast Crusade began yesterday at 10:11am with this Tweet:

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Soap Operas and Public Health

We can learn a lot from television.  Sometimes the best teaching comes when presented in a dramatic form.  Soap Operas have been a stable of American television for fifty years and their very structure brings form to understanding.

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Blood Reveals its True Colors

Tami Wisniewski wrote this article.

swoosh. swoosh. swoosh.

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Sarasota Works to Divert

Sarasota, Florida is actively working to only incarcerate the most heinous criminals:

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Helping a Math Dunce

I have never been a math genius. Or even a math sub-genius. Or even a non-genius. In fact, I’m a bit of a Math Dunce. I need your help in solving a math problem.

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