Proving American Indian Casino DNA

I’m not certain if Native American Gangs or casinos owned by Native American tribes do more harm to the heritage of a once proud nation.  Both gangs and casinos serve two evil masters — money and power — and in the end, the result is always emotional evisceration and a disgraced death.

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The iPhone 3G Dictionaries Review

We celebrate writing on this WordPunk blog — and we do love our new iPhone 3G — even though the White Apple of Death drives us nuts daily. One of the invaluable assets for the iPhone 3G is the Apps Store.  I spent $100.00USD to buy several dictionaries for use on my iPhone 3G.  In this review, I will look up one of my favorite words — “semiotic” — and one of my favorite people — “Clinton” — to see what results are returned.  You do not need an internet connection to use any of these dictionaries.  All definitions are installed on your iPhone 3G.

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