Tempur-Pedic TP8000 Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair Review

Today, I’m sad to report that my beloved Herman Miller Aeon Chair finally gave up its seat — and its mesh back and its crippled casters and it decaying rubber arms — and I had to trash it after eight, magnificent, years of dutiful sitting service.

I was on the hunt for a new office chair.  The replacement had to be hardy and tough and a good value.  I spend 12 hours a day in and out of my office chair, so I needed to make certain the task of sitting would not interfere with my joy of writing.

When I happened upon a Staples chair exclusive with a mouthful of a name — the Tempur-Pedic TP8000 Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair — and I knew I’d found my new office chair at a great value.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair

I am enamored with my lovely and elastic Herman Miller Aeron chair.

The thing you don’t realize when you see the actual Aeron chair compared to its imitators is that the weave of the chair is alive. The weave of the chair breathes and moves with you. The weave of the chair stretches and conforms to your body as you wallow within its shape.

Imitation chairs have a rigid weave. The flexibility of the authentic Aeron chair is what sets it apart from any other chair made and you really cannot understand the beauty of the design unless and until you sit in one.

Don’t bother with purchasing lumbar support or other add-ons for the Aeron chair. Just buy the basic black Aeron chair with the regular arms and standard leveling mechanism and be happy.

You will love the airiness and molded comfort of the Herman Miller Aeron chair.