Benicar HCT to the Rescue

I have been able to self-manage my high blood pressure for 20 years.  I have controlled it through exercise, diet, meditation and a determined mind to force my body to properly behave — but now the haunting words of my initial diagnosis two decades ago, “You’re blood pressure is a little high,” is coming back to bite me.  “There’s no shame in having high blood pressure,” my doctor said at the time, “It’s just how you’re piped.” I disagreed with him, and vowed to cure myself, and I set about on my Vegan voyage that has paid off as well as I could expect up until now.

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Zapping High Blood Pressure with Surgery

If you have high blood pressure, would you opt for a singular surgical cure, or would you prefer to remain on medication? Half of all Europeans have high blood pressure and 75 million Americans are hypertensive, but only 50 million seek medical mediation, and half of those who get help never get their blood pressure under control.

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