The Goddamned American

How many times you have answered the following questionnaire while completing a regular survey in your lifetime without even thinking much about it?  I recently came across the following comment while working with a survey related to student learning:

I am an American, Goddammit!

It was a response for an ordinary survey question:

Are you a:

  • a) Caucasian
  • b) African American
  • c) Native American
  • d) Hispanic/Latino
  • e) Asian/Pacific islander
  • f) Others

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Mumbai Movie Madness

Alarmists and concerned parents around the United States are growing increasingly worried about the state of entertainment in the United States. It’s becoming more and more difficult to go to see a decent film without worrying about seeing heaps of violence and acts of moral depravity, they say. Drug usage is rampant and viewed in a positive light. Everyone and their cousin sleeps with everyone else – and their cousin. The complaints are many and the studies could fill a library, but the solutions are few. Enter my proposed solution: watch more movies made in India.

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