Do You Remember Kaposi’s Sarcoma?

The other day, an old graduate school friend and I got together to rehash our old lives and new experiences, and one of the first things he said when he saw me was, “Those red marks on your face remind me of Kaposi’s Sarcoma.”  I was instantly stopped — “Kaposi’s Sarcoma” was a phrase I hadn’t heard in over a decade — and when I quickly explained the marks on my face were actually pinches of frostbite from the dermatologist to remove some overactive sebaceous gland residue, he smiled with relief. As an older Gay man, my friend knew lesions that look like that have traditionally indicated a dire diagnosis.

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Papa Francisco’s “To Do” List

Although it is always a possibility to become Pope and CEO of one of the world’s largest churches once one enters the Catholic priesthood, I can only imagine the enormity of the tasks that await Pope Francis I, who at the age of 76 and with only one lung is already at a considerable disadvantage compared to some of the younger and fitter Cardinals. I thought it might be interesting on the day of his inauguration to take a look at his “To Do” list.

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The Goodness of Free HIV Testing

I don’t know about you, but when I read most of the news today, I get a bit bummed at the direction that humanity seems to be taking. Whether it is schol budgets being slashed for reasons of insufficient monies or defense budgets getting increased by massive amounts because unnecessary wars need to be fought to kill not the people who decide to go into the wars or the children of those people but the people whose jobs get exported, many of whom ultimately somehow end up voting for the people that sent them to war and that would send them to war. Then I get to see a nice bit of good news and it gives me a bit of hope — no giggles — as was the case when I read about the Walgreens store as well as others that made plans to offer free HIV testing on HIV awareness day.

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The Amazing Molecular Test for Hepatitis C

Viral Hepatitis C (HCV) is a devastating disease.  It is the number one cause of liver cancer and often leads to the need for a liver transplant.

A national survey found that 1.8 percent of Americans – about 3.9 million – have been infected with HCV, and most – about 3.2 million – are chronically infected, with many showing no signs or symptoms. As many as ¬ 80 percent of HCV infections reported each year are chronic, and some 20 percent of chronic infections progress to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) over 20 to 30 years.

The FDA has just approved a RealTime PCR test from Abbott to measure the viral load of Hepatitis in the body.  That is tremendous scientific news because now we have a low level way of discovering, and then treating, Hepatitis on a molecular level.  Here’s how:

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Gardasil for Anal Cancer

I am not a Gay Man, but I as a child of the theatre and a man of the moment, I certainly appreciate and understand the human struggle for Gay equality and equity in America — and while my support has not always been perfect, I appreciate the dedication and vision of Gay Men’s Health Crisis and the work they do to serve and educate all the people of the world.

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Federal Punishment of Urban Needle Exchanges

Needle Exchange Programs in the Urban Core promote good health practices and are important mechanisms for predictably protecting the well being of the mainstream community while saving those who are the most incapable of making good decisions about their health.

Why does the USA Federal government punish those who most need a clean needle?

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Shoot Your Spit to Save Your Wad

There’s a new — virtually instant — HIV test that only needs 20 minutes and the spit from your mouth to determine if you’re infected or not.  Blood is out.  Spit is in.  Shooting your wad has met its salvation in saliva.

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