Miep Gies Saved Anne Frank

Miep Gies died Monday night.  She was 100-years-old, and while we will miss her spirit, we must not weep for her.  Miep’s life life was filled with good deeds and her legacy in the arc of human suffering is evergreen and must never be forgotten; she was one of those rare, grand, people, who live a proper and righteous life.  Without Miep Gies, we would not have Anne Frank.

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Fake Holocaust Suffering for Profit

Oprah bagged James Frey for “making up” his life story.  Now Oprah has been burned again, this time by a Jewish couple that unnecessarily faked their Holocaust suffering for fun and profit.

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Normal Discrimination and Average Power

Michel Foucault is one of those certain talents where a quirky mix of genius, talent and savantism all congeal in the mind of one person to shed the powerful glow of meaning and context on the rest of us One of Foucault’s passions in life was his love of words and his research into the power of labels.

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Should Hate Speech Be Free?

I have always been of the mind that all speech should be free. One should always feel free to express the worst in us, out loud, in public, where the speech can be tested against community standards and either be excoriated or accepted.
There are two events, recently published in The New York Times, that force me to wonder if there is a reason why some expressions should never be made public.
The first example concerns the murder trial of Ronell Wilson — who allegedly shot two undercover detectives in the back of the head — when he was arrested, handwritten scraps of a Rap song were found in his pocket describing the killings before they happened.

Hate Speech

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Embryo Eugenics: Proactive Natural Selection

As medicine begins to move forward faster than our shared ability to comprehend the implications and dangers of science moderating morality, we are left alone to fend for our private values precisely as they are being publicly challenged by the preferences and prejudices a brave new round of Eugenics embodying the embryo stage of reproduction in a new movement I call “Proactive Natural Selection.”

Brand New World

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Weighing Humor Against Moral Values

Is funny always funny? Or does the sense of what’s funny change with the cultural ebb-and-flow over time of what certain people find funny? In a recent thread of comments here, one regular commenter made a “joke” about work where the new management team were “Nazis” and the workers were “Jews.”

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Deaf Holocaust: Finding the Executioner’s Hand

Few people know over 13,000 Deaf people — andDeaf Holocaust not just the Jewish Deaf — were killed by the Nazis in the late 1930’s.

Not only were the Deaf the first to find the executioner’s hand under Fascism, they were also viewed as inferior “useless eaters” by the ruling party.

Since the Deaf were unable to communicate in the Germanic mother tongue they were not heard or understood by the majority and fell prey to early graves.

The BBC has a wonderful companion website to help us always remember the Deaf who died. Here are three incredible blocks of quotes from the amazing show:

EducationErna Young who was sterilised as a young girl — estimated that some 17,000 deaf people were sterilised between 1933 and 1945 – the youngest was only 9 years old. Given that there was no national register of deaf or disabled people in Germany, many were given over to the authorities by teachers of the deaf – the very people trusted with their care and support. Some Nazi educationalists even began to question the right of deaf children to be educated at all, believing the education of the ‘inferior’ to be wasteful.

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