When Kissing Gets You Removed From A Plane

I am personally not inclined to partake in public displays of affection — there are various Jewish laws that make it inappropriate and, moreover, it is a kind of intimacy that I would only wish to share with my wife and not just random passersby. However, I do not hold it against other people — certainly would not complain to them or about them — it is up to them to share their affection in the manner that they see fit.

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Fire the Millionaire Matchmaker

Though I am no big fan of reality television programming and in fact have frequently wished that there would be less reality television and more scripted television (even cheesy television shows are, to me, better than so-called reality programs that do not resemble any reality I have ever seen in this real world.) I still keep an ear open to the occasional occurrence when someone from the world of reality television crosses over into mainstream television by finding themselves on the news.

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Should Parenting Require Licensing?

There is no screening process involved in becoming a parent — all it takes is two people, not even necessarily in a relationship, and a sexual act that can take as little as a couple of minutes. From the act, nine or so months pass and a baby is born — and then you can get champion mothers like the one I recently observed on the train, yelling at her child while at the same time mostly ignoring her and listening to music on headphones and looking anywhere but the direction of her child.

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