Three Wednesdays in January

In 2021, on three consecutive Wednesdays in January, in a trium of blood-bound events, we survived a catastrophe, we served a correction, and we held a celebration. Democracy is, at times, a gory and brutal mess — an angry boil in need of lancing — and sometimes in need of a realignment of values based on the witnessing of a live horror, in real time, as we are confronted by the monsters some of us have become in the lighted dark of day.

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The Rats’ Maneuver of MV Lyubov Orlova

Morning fog, cool and thick, hovered just above the churning peaks of the water that enveloped the grey Kerry Coast. The spot was hundreds of miles away from land, and despite its loud, sloshing waves, the word that a witness would use to describe the scene would probably be “dead.”

The wind was at a standstill, and there were no sea hawks or gulls unleashing proud squawks, nor any eager creatures jumping out of the sea for a gulp of air. The spot seemed frozen and untouched, and when a dark, looming shape began to emerge from the east, its presence was so startling that it seemed to crash loudly through the fog.

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The Quiet Horror of "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

Last week, I finally was able to watch the movie — “We Need to Talk About Kevin” — and I came away shocked and stunned and shaken.  It is an incredible movie in every sensation.  It is a modern day classic American Gothic Film.  I will talk about plot points in the movie and its general dramatic construction, so if you don’t want the movie spoiled, stop reading now.

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The Horror of Qui Tacet Consentire Videtur

“Qui tacet consentire videtur” is a Latin phrase the law translates into:  “Silence equals consent.”

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The Three-Toothed Monster

Today, I will share with you an everyday horror story: “The Three-Toothed Monster.”

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