Cheating the Ten Thousand Hour Rule

We live the life of the Outlier and while that is a difficult existence in all realities, there is also a certain satiety in being able to view the mainstream from afar and learn from their mistakes in mass thinking.  SuperGenius author Malcolm Gladwell argues in his “Outlier” book that the rule for finding the greatest success in life costs you 10,000 hours of practice and study.

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Open Facebook Office Hours

Standford’s “Office Hours” on Facebook begs of being just a bit too cute for the room:

Stanford University is bringing office hours to Facebook by spotlighting world-class faculty on its Stanford University Facebook profile (

most universities, instructors set aside a few hours each week for
students to drop by for conversation. Stanford Open Office Hours is a
public version of that tradition, an experiment that will bring
conversations with some of Stanford’s most interesting people to

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