Non-Fungible Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Artwork have been big in the news this week, and in many ways they are the path forward into the virtual future that shall become us. I love NFT Art, and I buy, and collect it, using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Ethereum has become the standard currency for purchasing NFT Art because ETH hovers around $3k USD for one ETH coin while Bitcon hovers around $40k for a single coin. You can see below a mashup of five separate “Tokyo Punks” I purchased from the Sabet collection and then included them all in a single animated GIF.

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Did Al-Qaeda Finally Get Us?

At 10:45am Eastern time today this blog – and all my sites – stopped responding. We were dead in the water again and Media Temple, our web hosting service located in California, was down as well.
A half an hour later the electricity went down here in Jersey City.
I was wholly sitting in the dark.
The first thing you think — after being trained every day in fear and loathing by the Department of Homeland Security — is: 

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