A Changed View on Mary K. Letourneau

by Chris Hale

July 4, 2002

[Publisher’s Note: On May 12, 1998, we published an article called The Great Mary K. Letourneau Debate written by Hugh Faulkner and Chris Hale. This new article from Mr. Hale expresses a reflection on the original debate.]

I debated Hugh Faulkner five years ago in this magazine regarding the case of Mary K. Letourneau. I strongly professed what I believed at the time to be her innocence from the charges of child rape. However, in the five years since that debate, I have come to change my mind regarding Mary Letourneau’s case.

I can no longer escape the truth that she did break the law by having sexual relations with Villi Fulaau. In an interview from Dateline NBC in 1997, she mentioned that she felt a law against a natural thing such as sex was unnatural. That shows she knew that there was a law against what she planned to do with Villi. Furthermore, in a program on Mary for Biography on the A&E channel, Mary did state that she did break the law, but she wasn’t repentant about it.

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The Great Mary K. Letourneau Debate

Hugh Faulkner vs. Chris Hale

[Publisher’s Note: On February 9, 1998, we published a Commentary piece by GO INSIDE Magazine’s Hugh Faulkner concerning Mary K. Letourneau, called Private Tutoring: Teacher Rape of a 13 Year Old Student. GO INSIDE reader Chris Hale responded to Mr. Faulkner’s essay and the contents of their debate are found here, unedited, and in their totality, for further public reflection and comment.

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