Opposites End in a Vacuum of Ashes: Quantifying Human Compatibility

Five Thirty Eight is a new website that uses data quantification to make qualitative evaluations of our human lives.  A recent article concerning people really only wanting to date themselves captured my attention.

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Every Day We Fledge

When Nicola pointed me to Alessondra’s Great Horned Owl Cam a month or so ago, I was hooked.  Every day I would watch the live USTREAM video feed of the mother and father owl feeding and taking care of their two owlets:  Tigris and Teegra.  Every few days it seemed like the owlets grew twice their previous size. It was a magnificent experience watching how Great Horned Owls raise their own.

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Can Art Be Quantified?

When we have a national discourse about money and Art and the role of the artist in society, we are left with a massive hole of misunderstanding that cannot yet be bridged: You Cannot Quantify Art.

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Nina Simone and Cat Stevens

Nina Simone is one of our must unappreciated and undervalued Blues voices.  Evidence of such is found in the lack of instant recognition when you invoke her name and in the fact that her ovaric album of 50 songs and a video found in — “The Definitive Rarities Collection” — is currently selling for an incredibly cheap $7.99USD in the American iTunes store.  That’s less than 15-cents per song!

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Digitizing the Human

I was having a discussion the other day about the digital books movement and saving a university money, and when I took the next logical step in the argument:  “If we’re digitizing books to save space and money, why don’t we digitize librarians, too?”  I was given a look in response  intended to freeze fertile fields and euthanize rabid dogs.

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