Humility in Adoration

The lesson of Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus is that a King can fall if he does not humbly accept and respect the necessary love of the people.

When a leader fails to acknowledge the ecstasy of those in need of protection and refuses to accept the process of governance, the unfortunate result is a turning of the people against the power that can topple a regime and its civilization.

Coriolanus, though a King, could never rise above being anything more than a savage warrior who treated those who adored him with a poisonous disdain and his inability to accept what he viewed as unreasonable affection led him down to betrayal, treason and into his own death.

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Thinking About September 11, 2001 & 2002

On September 11 we commemorate the loss of thousands of people to an unnatural disaster. Every year the human race suffers the loss of thousands of people to natural disasters — floods, earthquakes, blizzards, mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes — disasters that we have very little chance of avoiding and no one to blame; only Nature.

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