Curse of Old Men: More Creepy than Funny

Unlike women, as men age, there’s a tendency to stigmatize our awful attempts at humor by branding us “creepy” or “perverted” or “just gross.”  Plant an unfunny line on a 20-year-old guy and a teenaged woman might giggle, while the same line said by a guy over 60, to the same young teen, begets the world breaking apart as the whole tone and timbre of the conversation changes to a perceived perversion.

Why is that?

Is there always some sort of unspoken sexual underpinning to every male-to-female interaction that cannot be denied or generationally negotiated?  Why doesn’t the curse cut the opposite way against older women who are labeled creepy and perverted in the same condition?

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Michele Bachman Thinks Loss of Life and Destruction is a Joke

I really don’t have a good understanding of how presidential campaigns work now. Maybe it’s one of those things that marks me as an older person, but I remember when I was growing up that presidential campaigns were all about proving to the the people of the United States that you were the most qualified person to be the next one to sit in the Oval Office and assume the role of the President of the United States. It was not a job to be taken lightly, nor is it a job to be taken lightly now — and yet some of the people running for the office now think that the life of the people they hope to elect them is worthless.

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The Modern Family Review

I wouldn’t say that I was apprehensive when I first found out about the television show Modern Family, but I wasn’t too excited, either. The concept of the show was that it was going to tell stories from three interrelated families, some of which would be told in the style of faux documentary film making, like The Office and Parks and Recreation. There were too many fake documentary like shows already, I thought to myself before I started watching it when it first aired in the fall of 2009. It only took a few minutes of watching the show to realize that it could really be funny.

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Women of the World: Never Ask Your Man if He is Joking

Men are performers.  We lead.  We wander.  We are always looking to conquer.  We also tend to place great value in being funny — especially if we can make our woman laugh.  We feel as if the eyes of the world are upon our funny bones when it comes to you.  We’re funny that way.

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Eleven Heart-Shaped Balloons

Janna came home last night and presented me with eleven giant, red, heart-shaped helium balloons.

She apologized one was missing.

She told me on her way home from teaching American Sign Language at New York University she found a guy selling bunches of balloons for .64 cents each. She bought a dozen.

Waiting for a PATH train at the Christopher Street station, a man tried to strike up a conversation with her.

That happens to us a lot and since Janna is Deaf she usually just smiles and points to her ears and shakes her head to let the person know she isn’t interested in communicating.

The guy followed her onto the train and persisted in trying to speak with her. Wrangling twelve helium balloons onto a packed train is no easy task.

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Thoughts on International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day and honestly, it didn’t go quite as well as I was hoping it would. For one, I didn’t have the opportunity to really go out at all, which meant that I didn’t have much interaction with people in person. I did have a few phone calls with a few friends and of course, my brother. Some e-mail messages were sent as well, largely composed in my attempt at the pirate slang.

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