Living Life One Foot in Front of the Other

It was a cold winter day on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. There were slick patches of ice everywhere, reminding me of my Charlie Brown New Year. I was walking with a friend of mine to the synagogue for the morning prayer and related the story about how I fell the one day and how fearful I was of falling down as a result. My friend is fantastic at offering good advice when it is needed.

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A Charlie Brown New Year

Last Wednesday, I took a hard but fast spill that jolted my being and got me thinking about the realities of the world. The fall itself took less than a few seconds, but I am still reflecting well on the lessons I learned from it.  I was walking to the subway on West on 96th Street in New York City with my friend Joe.  That is my standard method of getting to work in the morning. I felt in my pocket to see if I had brought my glasses and realized that I had not. Just when I was about to get irritated that I had not remembered my glasses, I slipped in a major way. If you have ever seen the Peanuts comics where Lucy pulls away the ball before Charlie Brown has the chance to kick it, you will know exactly how I

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When Boots Break Skaters

Figure Skating is the most popular Winter Olympic sport and no other sport so quickly and purposefully maims its talented young.
The Wall Street Journal detailed the evisceration of young skating talent because the 50-year old skate boot was not created to service the new gymnastic jumping required in modern Figure Skating. Figure Skating is an — old time — sport where suffering and overcoming is given greater value than a skater’s safety and comfort.
Michelle Kwan is an unfortunate prime example of this disconnect between outdated technology crushing unbridled talent. 

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