Your ID Card, Your Criminal Record

You are driving to the mall with your children and you find yourself going just a touch over the speed limit. It’s okay, you think to yourself, because you’re going with the flow of traffic. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a police squad car in your rear view mirror. No worries – they have every right to be on the road and there’s no reason to think you’re being followed. Only when you see the car start to flash its lights does the worry commence.

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Cornell in Crisis

Cornell University
is in trouble. A laptop was stolen containing 22,546 social security
numbers of students — half were alumni — and 22,731 social security
numbers for faculty and staff, including 4,284 retirees.

files on the computer containing the names and social security numbers
were not encrypted and the laptop was left in a physically unsecure
environment, which violates University policy, according to Simeon Moss
’73, director of Cornell University Press Relations.

said that the data on the laptop contained “no other sensitive data
elements” besides names and social security numbers and the University
is “confident” that it has identified everyone whose data was on the

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Sacrificing UK Privacy for Profit or Security?

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

What do you think of under-age drinking? What about social menacing or unavoidable rite-of-passage for teens? Are you concerned about illegal immigration or the threat of terrorism? Or is growing anti-social behaviour in your neighborhood more of an immediate concern?

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Intelligent Design Dies in Defeat

The ruse of Intelligent Design has been discussed here before and yesterday, an important ruling came down in the Dover, Pennsylvania case that puts a bright end to the dim Intelligent Design view of the science of evolution.
Here’s how the New York Times reported the story:

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