Never Speak to the Actors!

There’s an old, weary, chestnut in the theatre — that deserves to be burned alive, eaten whole, pooped out and buried in the deep blue sea and then never spoken of again — that goes a little something like this, when directors say to Playwrights: “Never Speak to the Actors!”

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Why Brainstorming is an Individualistic Cloud and Not a Group Ray of Hope

When I was growing up in school, brainstorming was a popular way to force students to mingle ideas and to allegedly communicate non-judgmental bits of information. Unfortunately, if you didn’t have a proper leader for a brainstorming session, the task quickly became dull, and critical, and I always found those forced sessions to be less about new ideas and more about everyone deciding to just confirm the mainstream, mortal, status quo. I also learned to keep my mouth shut, and my contributions to a minimum, because I knew my outlier notions would be met with ridicule and misunderstanding.

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Perils of Collaboration

Working together in a collaborative manner is always wrought with perils and pitfalls.  Finding common ground often involves the downward negotiation ideals, the shredding of core values and a watering down of fiery ideas to meet a melting, middling, middle-ground. 

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To Cheat to Learn

As we are watched and surveilled by those around us — is cheating in plan sight a clever plan against the purpose of the Panopticon — or do we need to pretend online “study aids” are really helpful to the soul and not deceitful against the mind?
Is a “community of learning” or is it just a chance to cheat better in class at $9.95 a month for access to all the answers?

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Bending Ideas into the Realm of Reason

It isn’t enough to just have an idea because everyone has an idea every day.

Our challenge as authors and artists and poets and pedants is to form the idea and bend it into something new — preferably with the force of reason and against the recognition of other ideas — to make something holdable from the whole.

An idea that stretches is a thought that lives in multiple dimensions and when we brand that creative process into something others find appealing, we have reached the nadir of suffering and we are on our way to the pinnacles.

Nothing New Under the Sun and the Cannibalization of Ideas

Is there such a thing as an original idea? Or have all inspirations already been had? Are all thoughts actually the result of cannibalization?

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Our favorite friend/writer/raconteur Gordon Davidescu told me yesterday someone at LiveJournal stole one of his GO INSIDE Magazine articles and republished it there without our permission. Here is Gordon’s original article. Here is the theft and here is the evidence of the theft captured in a screenshot for future posterity:

Stealing from Gordon Davidescu

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