The Times on Torture

The Bush administration’s love and support of torture in the wake of 9/11 will become their indelible legacy long after all the Bush cronies are dead in the ground.  Bush couldn’t get away with a torture policy all on his own, though.  Bush had to have help.  He had a lot of help from the mainstream media, including perennial “liberal bogeyman” for “The Hard Right” — The New York Times — who played coy with using the word “torture” in their reporting even though torture is precisely what the Bush administration was doing. Why hide the word? Why not call torture torture?  Who and what were the New York Times protecting, and why?

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New New York Subway Rules

Today on the New York City subway and bus system, the following behavior violations will get you $100 file and 10 days in jail:

Jumping turnstiles even with a valid MetroCard

Straddling a bicycle

Wearing in-line or roller skates

Standing on a skateboard or scooter

Moving between subway car end doors when stopped or moving

Placing feet on subway, bus and platform bench seats  Putting bags on an empty seat when the train or bus is crowded

Drinking anything
What is amazing is how some New Yorkers need to be threatened with fines and jail to temper their bad behavior. All the bullet points on that list address common sense and common courtesy. It’s unfortunate so many people resist the notion of naturally doing the right thing to get along with other people.