The Illusion of Community Sentences

The UK have always been forward thinking and proactive when it comes to comforting the human condition in medicine and trying to alleviate the suffering in the halls of incarceration.  It must have been difficult to accept the notion that — over the last four years as “Community Sentences” rose as a diversionary tactic to reduce the prison population — the incarceration rate rose just as well.

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Curious or Interesting?

In the optical illusion below the “A” square and the “B” square are the same color grey. Do you believe me? What makes you doubt the veracity of my claim? Do you find the illusion interesting? Are you curious to know more? I’ll give you the proof of the argument at the end of this article.

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Optical Illusion

A friend sent this to me:

 Optical Illusion

Which way are the flowers moving?

How and why is the effect created and perceived?