The Princess Syndrome and the Infantilization of Womanhood

We have a disturbing trend taking over the minds of many young women in the USA today:  They want to be a Princess and wear crowns.  They want their wedding gown to make them look like a Princess.  They want to marry a “perfect man” in shining armor.  They want to be waited upon and admired.  Hard work and a hardscrabble life of striving to gain equality in society are of no mind to them now because that battle was won by those before them and they see no need to continue the good fight even though those human gains are being lost a bit each day they are taken for granted.

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Celebrity Infantilization of Cancer

When celebrities get involved with charity causes, be prepared to buy something after having it shilled to you — but have we sunk so low with the celebrity cause that we are now considered children in need of Pied Piping into the River for the drowning of our national sorrows?  You can’t throw a rock in the air today without it coming down and hitting an advertisement on a Viacom network — like MTV and VH1 — and not be smashed in the face with celebrity pleadings for “”

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