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Facebook Platitudes, Jokes and Smart Things

Facebook can be a fascinating space.  Facebook can also be a bore.  I am always disappointed by friends who post wall updates that are copied and pasted from other sources.

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Nina Simone and Cat Stevens

Nina Simone is one of our must unappreciated and undervalued Blues voices.  Evidence of such is found in the lack of instant recognition when you invoke her name and in the fact that her ovaric album of 50 songs and a video found in — “The Definitive Rarities Collection” — is currently selling for an incredibly cheap $7.99USD in the American iTunes store.  That’s less than 15-cents per song!

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No Idea is Forever

We know a promise only lives as long as the one making the promise, and today we must confess that no idea is forever. 

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The Invented Line Between Stealing and Inspiration

The false charges against Barack Obama from the Clinton campaign claiming plagiarism is laughable on the surface and ridiculous in the depths.

The bane of plagiarism, however, is a serious matter and it deserves more discovery and I will more formally address that topic in a future article.

Plagiarism — taking someone else’s ideas and claiming them as your own — is an issue to some in the theatre.  I argue the distinction is meaningless because in a live performance the difference between stealing and inspiration is ever-changing.

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Demystifying Writing: No Myths, Muses or Sirens

Writers should have no Muses, honor no myths, and follow no Sirens.

The job of the author is just that:  A job. 

There is a necessary pedantic dreariness to the writing process that must be honored and consumed on a daily basis. 

In a recent comments stream on another blog post, I said this about the book writing process:

You just have to sit down and do it and get it done. There’s no inspiration involved. No big thoughts. Just words on a page. There is too much danger of never writing another word if the process is too
romanticized. That’s what’s so great about writing four blogs — I need to come up with something good fast even if I don’t feel like it — that training comes in really handy while trying to pound out a book on a
hard deadline.

If we hope to be authors, we must hone that craft — notice I said “craft” and not “art” — all day every day with formal, public, writing that is open to feedback, criticism, and future indexing by the search engines.

Only that forced guarantee of “published” writing will keep us cogent, on point, and forever improving —  because the future, and the history, we make each day requires hard judgments against our best intentions.

The Covenant of Circles and the Continuity of Regeneration

Circles Yesterday’s post concerning a Round, Edgeless Future pressed me into remembering how we are surrounded by circles but few of us realize their power.

Chains of events also create circles but even fewer of us are able to forge the connections to complete the meaning.

A circle is the original conundrum: What indicates everything and nothing at the same time?

We ride on circles. We hold hands and create two joined circles.

Circles remind us of who we are and where we began.

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