A Hopeless Whipsaw Cascade of Warping and Woofing: Managing Your Own Feels

In the Rise of the Millennials, feelings are given a whole new status above and beyond any shared fact or shred of righteous communal reality. Today, “feels” are peculiarly individualized, and non-universal, and they are now powerful cudgels used against the unwashed and unwitting others.

Instead of honoring every whim and ninny, we need to be in control of our own feelings, evaluate the reality surrounding them in context beyond the self, and then make a rational, logical, decision on what to do next based on perceptive thinking and not on implied — explicit or otherwise — slights and insights and invented microaggressions and their ilk.  We must not only keenly know the difference between purposeful cruelty and interpreted, environmental, intention, we must proactively act upon the right result.

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On Yawning

Are you already yawning while reading this?

If you are speaking to someone — in a formal or informal setting — and they keep yawning in response, are you insulted that they are tired and not paying attention?  Or are you in some way complimented that someone is showing you the back of their throat?

For much of my life, I took a yawn from someone as an affront that I was somehow boring the point of my interest, and if a student dared to loudly yawn in class, that was of even more concern that I was losing the accrued interest of a topic I was divining to share.

Then I met a good, and ancient, friend, who happened to also be an excellent stage director — and professional theologian — who taught me my thinking was wrong.

A yawn is a compliment, he argued — a good thing — and you should work a room, and conversations, to get that open mouth staring back at you.

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"Whatever" is the New F-You!

How did the word “whatever” become the new “F-You?”  Why is “Whatever” the poster boy for uniting public passive-aggressive behavior?

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Manhattan Skyline Art Mocks World Trade Center Jumpers

We know memory is convenient.  We prefer to remember the happy and the good while repressing the horrible and the cruel. We also know there is one guarantee in this life you can always count on:  There Will Always Be Bad Art.  The current “Jumpers Sculptures” pocking the heart of New York City is but the latest example of cruelty in convenience masquerading as inspired artwork.

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Harmful Intent is Not Protected Speech

We love beating the Cyber Bullies who live in the morass of their false sense of anonymity online and who try to claim their spewed public hatred is protected speech under the First Amendment.  A California appeals court just ruled 2-1 that you can’t say just anything you please online.  You must own your words and you will face punishment if you intentionally try to inflict harm on someone.

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Obambi as Curious George

Which is the better way to diminish a man:  Having his wife publicly castrate him, or repeatedly comparing him to cartoon animals in print and on t-shirts?

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Man Titties

For today only — and only in this article and its comments — I am lifting the ban on using derogatory terms in order to better understand, to provide context for, and to help eradicate forever from the lips of humankind, an especially vicious sort of name calling that blends an insult across gender lines to hurt both men and women at the same time.

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