The Codecademy Review

The first experience that I had with computer programming came when my parents purchased the TI-994A computer. When you turned it on and didn’t have a cartridge in place, it would go straight into allowing you to create programs in the BASIC programming language. BASIC is a fantastically fun language for beginners in that it is straightforward — when I was in school, everyone learned how to write a two line program that would print “Hello, world!” onto the screen repeatedly ad infinitum.

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Interactive Actors Acting Acted

The New York Times likes to consider itself the “newspaper of record” — and so when they place their foot on the throat of a production to test their muscle — theatre people the world over cringe and hope they don’t get hit with the tainted shrapnel.  The NYTimes recently promoted an interactive “lesson in movie acting” with 14 celebrities “emoting” on their website.

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