Juilliard Interpreter Training

[Publisher Update:  The Juilliard Interpreter Training program was discontinued in 2009. The aesthetic blow to the national Deaf community is, and was, devastating. — David W. Boles]

by Mariclare Mullane

Sign language interpreters from all over the country and Canada come to New York for one week in June to take part in “Interpreting for the Theatre.” During this week the interpreters work on improving every aspect of their work. This past June was the fifth annual year for the program, which is sponsored by the Theatre Development Fund, through its Theatre Access Project, and The Juilliard School. Seventeen students from twelve states were accepted into the program through videotaped auditions. The Theatre Access Project, a part of the nonprofit Theatre Development Fund, sponsors the program. The Theatre Access Project arranges for deaf theatergoers to attend shows at least once a month.

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