Get Your Google Wave Invitation Here!

I was thrilled to find a Google Wave invitation waiting for me this morning in my Inbox!  I was a little disappointed I didn’t get into the first round of public beta testing.  I was certain I had goofed up my application by thinking Wave was a reinvention of Sites instead of a rebirth of email.  Here’s the evidence, though, that I must have done something right to get in on the second Google Wave!

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LinkedIn Creates Circles

January 26, 2009.  I no longer like LinkedIn.  I now Loathe LinkedIn.
  However, I am keeping the remainder the review below intact to preserve the breadcrumb record of experience and recognition as it happened.

I believe in the power of circles.  I believe in mending broken circles.  I believe in creating new arcs that lead to closing circles.  When I was invited this week to become a member of LinkedIn, I was wary at first, because I do not like social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because showboating and friends-gathering is more valued than finding information and tending intimate circles.
LinkedIn is unique.  LinkedIn is clean and cogent.  LinkedIn is about creating business contacts — and the whole idea behind the service is you only add people to your network that you already know.  You can check out my LinkedIn profile — and add me to your network if you know me — by touching the button below.

LinkedIn Profile

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Get Your GrandCentral Beta Invitation Here!

I am currently in the keen Google GrandCentral beta.

If you live in the USA, and if you want an invitation to the beta, post a comment here and I’ll send out invitations until I run out.

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