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Pink on the President or the President Gets Pinked

The protest song in America has a rich and vibrant history. The musicians — Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash, Peter, Paul and Mary and especially Bob Dylan — felt a responsibility to bring the voice of the ordinary person in song to the national spotlight in the 1960’s.

Today, we still have Neil Young protesting in verse and Bruce Springsteen’s latest folk record also stings the concept of democracy — and the Dixie Chicks and Green Day have taken their hammers to the overwrought state of national affairs against international interests — but it is P!nk and her new song Dear Mr. President that most effectively confronts the current office sitter on the hypocrisy of his politics and turns his policies directly against the reality of his own life and the lives of those who encircle him. Color me tickled as you watch and listen to P!nk’s poetically piercing political anthem in a live performance — backed by the Indigo Girls — of Dear Mr. President.

Sgt. Martha Writes from Iraq

Sgt. Martha is a former student of mine and I now call her a friend. Martha and I are closer now thousands of miles apart than we ever were when we stood next to each other in the same classroom for a semester. I guess war does that to people: It binds you nearer to those you care about because every day there is the danger you will never see them alive again. Martha is somewhere in Iraq serving their country, and ours, in the effort to help build a Democracy in the Middle East.

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