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Steve Miller Calls the Bingo! Blues

Steve Miller is a great musician, but he hasn’t released a new album in 17 years.  Known for this “electric Blues” style, Steve has always had a freshly scrubbed and highly produced studio sound.  This week, Steve released — “Bingo!” — a new album that salutes the Blues masters who formed his young, musical, life.

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Billy Burnette and the Four-Year iTunes Error

Billy Burnette plays a great rhythm guitar, and he earned most of his fame replacing Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac.  Billy was bred into a star musical family, and he also performs solo — but Billy’s greatest gift is to convey beauty in just strumming behind other guitar greats like John Fogerty as part of a backup band.  Rhythm guitar has taken a backseat to lead guitar in the foolish modern American musical mindset — but don’t be mistaken — there is honor and necessity in playing proper rhythm and Billy does it righteously well with his massive Gibson guitar always in hand.  After recently discovering Billy, I was eager to purchase his solo Blues album — Memphis in Manhattan — but when I went to the iTunes store to click buy, my eye was deceived.

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Reviewing Jeff Beck's Emotion and Commotion

Jeff Beck is a great guitarist and musician.  He found his first musical success in The Yardbirds when he replaced Eric Clapton.  Beck then brought in Jimmy Page to play bass for the ‘Birds.  Jeff Beck didn’t find as much commercial success as Clapton and Page — probably because he didn’t sing or tie himself to a lead singer in a band — yet he still survives and thrives in the music scene as a major force majeure.  Jeff Beck’s latest album — “Emotion & Commotion” — was released this week.

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Tom Petty’s Live Anthology on iTunes LP

One of the first things I do each morning is login to iTunes, check for any new Apps, and then see what’s new in music.  I was thrilled this morning to see a new Live Anthology from Tom Petty in the new “iTunes LP” format was released today.

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The soundAMP Review

soundAMP is one of those ten dollar chunks of software you cannot live without if you have an iPhone.  soundAMP brings “Super Hearing” to your ears using amplification and a simple-to-use interface.

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The Loving LaLa Review

Do you LaLa?  If not, you have no idea what you’re missing!  Forget iTunes.  Cancel Rhapsody.  Delete your Pandora and accounts.  From now on, your everything and your always lives in

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