Gender Rules for Crossing the Street

I walk everywhere.  Not needing to have a car is a blessing of living on the East Coast.  Janna walks everywhere, too. Sometimes, we walk together — and therein lies the rub when it comes to combining our love of walking — because we usually have trouble crossing the street.

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Breaking Up with Martha

As you may remember, in my article published a couple of months ago — A Memory of Martha — she was the owner of our local laundromat.  Bad health returned Martha to her home country for three months for some rest and relaxation.

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Theft By Starbucks

Five years ago, Janna was tutoring one of our ASL students at a Starbucks in New York City’s Greenwich Village.  Starbucks is a great place to meet and learn because they’re everywhere and nicely appointed.  Starbucks, we quickly discovered, is also dangerous.

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How Find My iPhone Works from Afar

Janna is currently in Iowa visiting her mother.  I miss her heaps, and I am happy to help whenever the call for assistance arrives from the Midwest into my Google Voice Inbox via SMS.  Janna has her iPad with her and her creaky, water-soaked-and-barely-usable, iPhone 3G.  Her 3GS was stolen.  We skipped the iPhone 4 in indignant principle.  We will move up the iPhone 4S or 5 or whatever it will be when it is announced.

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A Walk a Day Keeps the Hippocampus in Play

Janna and I are crazy about walking.  We take at least two, brisk, 30-minute, walks each day.  During the work week, Janna runs her urban core routine as part of her daily commute via trains and her shoes, and I rally around the neighborhood between writing breaks.  At night, we take our final walk of the day together to review our day apart and to chat about plans for the next day.

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Love by the Calendar: Grift in the Holidays Scam

Janna and I aren’t big on formal gift giving.  We have a saying that is frequently expressed in our marriage: “Every day is your birthday.”  That doesn’t mean we’re wild spenders — or that giving a “gift” to each other requires spending money — but it does change our perspective on the “Mandatory Holidays” that drive greeting card sales and generate increased prices for dining out while lowering prices on consumer goods like clothing.

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The Cutest Cat in the Hat

Sometimes a rough day can be made better with an animal intervention, and yesterday was just such a day when the lovely Janna SMS’d me this image of her modeling the cutest cat hat I ever did see saw.

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