Picking the Right Jazz Guitar

As an amateur Jazz guitar player, I am often asked about the best guitar to buy for playing Jazz.  That is a question I have wrestled with often, and the answer has come to cost me a lot of money and sweat, but I do feel prepared today to answer that inquiry for you in full.

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Jake Reichbart: Is She Really Going Out with Him?

In my June 10 Boles Blues Ibanez Artcore AG75 review, I first introduced you to outstanding fingerstyle Jazz guitarist Jake Reichbart:

You might wonder how I happened to come upon the Ibanez Artcore AG75.  I enjoy Jake Reichbart’s YouTube videos, and I recently learned Jake plays an AG75.  When I went to check the price of his guitar, and found out it could be had for around $300.00USD on the street, I went bonkers hankering for a chance to imitate his cool tones.

The beloved kidding about Jake Reichbart on YouTube is that while he makes his guitar sing like an angel, he looks like a guy waiting for the bus while playing — so when you watch Jake in this AG75 example, look past the faraway, inattentive, look in his eye, and try to not stare at the blue duct tape on his bridge pickup — just close your eyes and enjoy the sound.

Jake has always been an awesome YouTube inspiration for me.  His style is engaging and direct and he really teaches you how to play a song just from purely observing him in action.

Jake has a new album out now called — Is She Really Going Out With Him? — and it is a total winner.  Jake’s percussive Jazz style and precocious melodies are infamous and purely delightful and you need to grab a listen to the world between his fingers.

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Beyond the Burning Guitar Review

Melvin Taylor is an excellent Jazz guitarist, and he has a new album — Beyond the Burning Guitar — and while his axe is certainly on fire, there’s a lot more going on in his fingers than just flame and ash.  Melvin punctures the living moment of us by reminding us all that we are innately broken, but connected, and wanting, but alone, and, through his music, we can begin to be healed as a people.  Melvin Taylor shows us the joy of life in song and he also warns us against our deeper and more deceptive temptations.

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The Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Jazz Guitar Review

For six weeks, I have been panting with anticipation for the arrival of my new Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Jazz guitar, and on Friday, that anticipation was made into delight with the early-morning arrival of that beautiful guitar.  The first thing I noticed after opening the box was not the guitar, but rather a small, white, envelope waiting for me on the third fret and held in place by an E string on each side.  I opened the envelope and read a handwritten note from guitar builder Roger Sadowsky who personally signed a kind note encouraging me to: “Enjoy your new guitar.”

My Jimmy Bruno guitar is quite beautiful and extremely well-crafted.  Lifting the guitar out of its case, however, created a moment of Déjà Vu as I felt as if I had seen this guitar before in the guise of my Ibanez Artcore AG75!

The Sadowsky Bruno has a similar laminated sort of body and heft and weight and size and “hand feel” and, for a moment, I was a little freaked out that I was holding the bigger, badder, but more beautiful and better-bred brother of my Artcore!

Was this Sadowsky Bruno 14 times better than what I paid for my AG75?

It was time to find out.

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The Jimmy Bruno Guitar Workshop Review

Jimmy Bruno is one of the premier, living, Jazz guitarists of our time.  His playing style is immediately recognizable.  He has a signature guitar built by luthier Roger Sadowsky you can buy.  He’s the boss man.  He’s a top teacher.  You can now study Jazz guitar with him online at the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Workshop.

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Pat Metheny's What's It All About Review

Pat Metheny is a magnificent musician who just happened to make his fame by playing a rousing Jazz guitar.  Metheny’s long career in Jazz has been vibrant and punching.  He always takes you on a rapid, breathless, journey and then plunks you back to earth.  Metheny’s new album — What’s It All About — dropped today, and the album consists of a curious, non-Jazzy, covers of several classics.

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