Stealing Janna Sweenie

Do you own your own good name?  Or can someone take your name, your expertise in the field, and use it to sell t-shirts and postcards without your approval or knowledge?  My beloved wife Janna Sweenie and I write American Sign Language books together.  One of our bestsellers is “Hand Jive” — and that’s where this torrid story begins and ends.

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Hand Jive Book Cover Art

On July 1, 2005 Janna and I finished writing and creating images for illustration in our Hand Jive book published by Barnes & Noble in New York. The book has been in production for the last year and is now ready to be sent to the printer this week for publication and distribution and sale!

You can see images of the Hand Jive book cover art below and if you have any comments or see any errors, please leave a specific comment. The first image is the front cover and spine; the second image is the back cover; the third image is the inside front flap; the last image is the inside back flap.

Hand Jive Book Cover!

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