The Lack of Durable Goods and Intentional Obsolescence

When I was a young boy, I was raised on a consumer mindset that if you purchased something — a watch, a machine, a car, a bicycle, something mechanical, etc. — you could expect that, if you treated it right, that product would at least last the rest of your lifetime.  Now, as an older man, I have come to realize that new, expensive, things purchased today have an intentional obsolescence built into them that forces you to re-purchase those things several times in your lifetime, creating a Möbius Strip of non-durable goods that endlessly cheapens your purchasing power.

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Voter Caging Means Junk Mail Trumps Civil Rights

If you aren’t aware of the direct marketing junk mail campaign term “Caging” — and its relationship to “Voter Caging” and the stolen 2000 and 2004 presidential elections in the United States — you are not alone.

You were failed by the mainstream media as “tens of thousands” of minority votes were caged in the 2004 presidential election in Florida — 35 students at a traditionally Black college in Jacksonville alone — as well as the caging of over 35,000 voters in Ohio and many more in other states. Republicans challenged the legitimacy of Black voters via a junk email scam. Here’s how it worked:

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That’s More Plastic Junk

by Evan Stair

This is not a story about toys, but it starts out that way. It was some twenty-five to thirty years ago and my brothers and I were very excited when the Sears, Wards, and JC Penny Christmas catalogs had arrived. We passed right by the curtains/ bras/ coats/ and hardware sections to reach our favorite part of the catalog: The toys!

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