Wild West American Justice

America is a country that loves to punish.  We punish foreign nations.  We discriminately punish our own.  This week, The Economist rightfully flays the ongoing — and failed — notion of Wild West American Justice where the punishment rarely fits the crime.

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John Vanderslice's Panopticonic Gaze

If you knew that there were an omniscient eye that watched over you and your every deed and thought, would you behave any differently? For my whole life, I was raised with the belief that there was an all knowing deity that created everything in the world that was cognizant not only of what we did but what we thought as well.

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Ugly Ass Shoes that Fit Like a Glove

I’ve been able to restrain myself until this moment from writing about the O. J. Simpson matter, but now, with the return of the liable verdict against The Juice from The Jury — the time is ripe for picking a response. For over 2.7 years, the Goldmans and the Browns have suffered the loss of their beloved children while a dismayed nation looked upon their plight with pity and terror. While many of you are familiar with much of the case, allow me a moment to address some of the hotter issues as I see them.

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