Disparity Between Political Translation and Human Transliteration

Words are toxic and dangerous things. We currently have a Presidential contender who threatens his opponent with prison if he wins, and if he doesn’t win the election, then that means the election was rigged against him. That sort of clear and obvious threat against Democracy is not just craven and crass, but unwise — however, his threats are precise and clearly inform us all of his intentions and insanity.

We only need to travel back to the United Nations on October 12, 1960 and watch Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev take off his shoe and bang it on the podium while threatening to “bury us” all!

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Hiding Dominick Dunne's Death

In a strange twist of one celebrity having more fame than another, the family of writer Dominick Dunne tried to hide his death from the media so his death wouldn’t be overshadowed by the demise of Senator Ted Kennedy:

The Vanity Fair journalist and novelist Dominick Dunne has died from cancer at 83. It transpires that he passed away on Wednesday just when the world’s media were scrabbling to cover the death of Edward Kennedy. Because they did not want his obituaries to be overshadowed by the senator’s death, Dunne’s family tried to keep his death a secret, with a spokesman initially refusing to confirm it.

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Death of a Cowardly Lion

Ted Kennedy is dead, and in the aftermath of his life, one thing still rubs dark his image as the lion of the Senate and continues to forever stain his legacy with blood:  His cowardly tether to Mary Jo Kopechne.

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