War Pulls the Piss Out of You

War is pretty nasty and we’ve had most of the gory details from Iraq and Afghanistan hidden from us — but, ever so slowly — the ugly truths are starting to be revealed, and the AP ran a story yesterday about American troops getting their genitalia blown off.

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Death of a Writing Partner

Jack the Cat died yesterday — Saint Patrick’s Day now provides a whole new depth — and today I am missing the best writing partner I ever had.  Even though Jack had been extremely ill the last three months of his life — his Veterinarian said he was a “Miracle Cat” because his blood numbers were so bad he should have been dead long ago — yet Jack still fought on with us to live because he seemed to know what we could never admit:  We could not live without each other.  Even in the throes of his last days with failing kidneys, anemia and heart failure — Jack always remained the elegant, bi-color, Persian show cat he was born to be 15 years ago.  He never lost his class:

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When One Kidney is Not Enough

On December 12, 2008, I watched ABC News’ 20/20 and I was left slack-jawed by an incredible story about a boss that donated a kidney to an employee. At initial viewing, you are led to coo and ohh, but when you pause to think about the facts behind the story, you being to become outraged at selfishness dressing itself in motherhood.

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Deducting the Cat

As medicine advances to not only heal humans, but the pet population as well, we should begin to wonder what makes a family and how we want our federal government to respond to the needs and wishes of everything that makes up the “family unit.”

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