Incredible Beauty of the Bicycle Card Aesthetic

I was never a great skill card player growing up. I was quite excellent at War, and at 52 Pick-Up, but other than that, my mastery in card games was more in my mind than in my hand. I never played a dime or a nickel flush where I won any type of pot, but I always enjoyed holding the actual playing cards. The designs were a fascination to my young mind, and today, when I happened upon the Bicycle cards website, I was taken back to a time when a deck of cards lasted for years of regular use around the kitchen table with nickel raises and dime bets; but these cards, these new Bicycle cards, had a right life of their own. The opaque card box was gone; replaced by a lovely translucent plastic that was more welcoming to both hand, and eye.

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Passing on Royal Fever

If you are a Real American — how can you get caught up the royal fever over the pending marriage of William and Kate?  Didn’t we race from the crown and found our own country with war because we didn’t want to have anything to do with inherited leadership — other than, of course, repeatedly electing our very own American Royals to ongoing public office: The Kennedys and the Bushes.

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Albert King Licks or Andy Aledort Lacking?

Take a look at the cover of this “Albert King” signature licks DVD.  Just looking at the cover en passant, you would think you are going to watch Albert teaching you signature licks just as he did with Stevie Ray Vaughan in Session.  No so fast!  Read the small print in the left gutter on the DVD cover and you’ll see “Featuring Andy Aledort” spelled out and that little text phrase means there’s no Albert King on the DVD.  You get Andy pretending to be Albert and you feel cheated.

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Freddie King and the 1966 Beat

We love Freddie King and his classic DVD — “Freddie King The!!!!Beat 1966” — is an instant classic that deserves your rabid attention and ultimate devotion.

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Johnny Winter Live at B.B. King's on Broadway

There’s nothing like seeing The Blues live in performance and I was lucky enough to see the great Johnny Winter play a live set at B.B. King’s box of Blues on Broadway in New York City’s Times Square.

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The Playwright as King

There are very few, if any, graduate theatre training programs where the word is so valued that a Playwright is the Chair of the department.

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B.B. King is Rattled and Humming

B.B. King, at 84, is the greatest Blues guitarist in the world.  In 2003, Rolling Stone named B.B. King as the third best guitarist in the world out of 100.  There is a secret few people know about B.B. King and his ability to play the guitar and I will share it with you now.

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