Tripping Over Times Square

Last night, Janna and I were rushing home after teaching in New York City, and in the middle of Times Square, I had a moment I hope I never get to repeat.  I tripped — over my own two feet, or the curb, or a break in the sidewalk — and instantly fell long and hard on the sidewalk.  I was stunned for a moment and didn’t quite know where I was.  Janna was behind me somewhere and I remember one woman bending down to ask me if I was okay.

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How to Fight Dirty

Every child needs to be taught how to fight.  There’s clean, schoolyard fighting, and then there’s Dirty Fighting or Street Fighting or Prison Fighting — where everything and anything goes.  You can fishhook, you can eye-gouge, you can slam a guy in the groin with a shovel.  Hair-pulling and fingernails-scratching are never allowed in any informal fight arena.

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