The Lackey's Lament

by Steve Gaines

I never was a leading man…
in almost fifty years of acting
in my fondest dreams of course but never on stage
it was just something I never was
always the character part
occasionally stealing a scene here and there
…a shadow in the wings hanging on the next cue
but not the glitz and glitter…just the interesting pieces
second banana types
lackeys and spear carriers

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by Steve Gaines

beginning today
the final year of labors…
in three hundred and sixty-five days of tomorrows
I will not come to work

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by Steve Gaines

yet another lament

in me
hidden behind a soft spreading waistline
lies an aging man alone

he is limping quietly along
such a well-worn path
in his creaks and cracks
he is the only one ever
to suddenly come smack up against middle age

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