Janna’s Extra-Easy Delightfully-Delicious Lasagne

[NOTE: To make this lasagne recipe Vegan or Strictly Vegetarian, simply replace the ground beef with portabella mushrooms and sliced colossal (really big!) black olives. Then make certain the noodles are egg-free (DeBoles is a good brand). Next, replace the all the cheeses with an Extra-Firm Tofu that has been thoroughly drained and then crushed with a fork. It’s truly terrific, I promise! Enjoy! — Janna]

Believe it or not, lasagne is quite a popular dish in Iowa, and the mark of being an expert cook in the Midwest is just how good your lasagne tastes. I make a mean lasagne. When I moved to New York, home of Little Italy and other great taste treats, I thought my lasagne recipe would be challenged.

Well, let me say that after ten years of tasting the lasagne competition, my lasagne recipe is still the tops! It tastes great. It’s NOT less filling. My lasagne is extra-easy to make and super-delicious to eat!

Taste for Yourself
I share my famous recipe with you now so you can taste for yourself. This is yet another Go Inside exclusive! What’s great about this lasagne recipe is that you don’t have to cook the lasagne noodles first.

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