The Minstrel Meanderings of Mitt Romney

In 1993, I was quite confused when I read that actor Ted Danson had put on blackface at a Friar’s Club meeting with his then girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg. How rude, I thought, to call back an old tradition that hearkens back to the early nineteenth century and insults a large group of people while being marginally amusing to very few. I thought that surely by the year 2012 we would be far past any kind of minstrel show. Well here we are and not only are we treated to a minstrel show, but one being put on by the Republican candidate for President of the United States, Mitt Romney.

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Beaner Hate in Patchogue

There’s a “Beaner” hate in Patchogue, New York so strong that people are being beaten and murdered — and to comprehend the vileness of the crimes, you need to understand that “Beaner” is a derogatory term for Latinos.  The rest of the history of violence flows from that ethnic slur.

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