Blues in Your Bones: Play it On My Arm!

I learn best through observation and tactile feedback.  I have discovered, in my new want to play the electric guitar, that sometimes the best way to get The Blues in your bones is to have someone physically put it there
through the pressure of touch.  My new learning mantra is:  “Play it On
My Arm!”

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Napping Makes You Smarter

We are big supporters of the power nap.  We know sleep heals.  We believe you can make up on missed sleep even if it kills you.

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The Blues Guitar of Hubert Sumlin DVD Review

The instructional DVD — “The Blues Guitar of Hubert Sumlin” — is a mix of genius and boredom.  When Hubert is playing:  Pure Genius.  When “interviewer” Jimmy Vivino is interrupting Hubert:  Boredom.

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To Cheat to Learn

As we are watched and surveilled by those around us — is cheating in plan sight a clever plan against the purpose of the Panopticon — or do we need to pretend online “study aids” are really helpful to the soul and not deceitful against the mind?
Is a “community of learning” or is it just a chance to cheat better in class at $9.95 a month for access to all the answers?

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Scary High-Speed Lectures

This year’s Open Ed conference brought to light a strange, new, phenomenon of students listening to prerecorded video lectures at double speed in order absorb the information faster. In theory, that sounds like a neat idea:  Listen to a lecture in half the time and you can listen to twice as many lectures in the timespan it would take you to listen to one live lecture.

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Online ASL: Learn It to Earn It

Learning on the internet is a sensation that is growing every day. To meet the needs of new virtual learners the world over, Janna and I have created seven levels for studying American Sign Language online via our portal.

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Hand Jive Book Cover Art

On July 1, 2005 Janna and I finished writing and creating images for illustration in our Hand Jive book published by Barnes & Noble in New York. The book has been in production for the last year and is now ready to be sent to the printer this week for publication and distribution and sale!

You can see images of the Hand Jive book cover art below and if you have any comments or see any errors, please leave a specific comment. The first image is the front cover and spine; the second image is the back cover; the third image is the inside front flap; the last image is the inside back flap.

Hand Jive Book Cover!

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