Gordon Gekko Helps the FBI

When I was in eighth grade, there was a large poster hanging on one of the walls with the image of Michael Douglas on it and a long speech about greed. I had no idea what it was or why his face was on it but it was an interesting speech, albeit one that went against everything we were taught in school. The speech taught that greed was good and important. We were taught in school that greed was bad and that sharing with others was good and important.

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Robben Ford and Rhythm Blues Guitar

Robben Ford has been around The Blues forever and he’s written lots of guitar books about The Blues and he has a deep and rich teaching catalog on DVD.  In “The Art of Blues Rhythm” Robben teaches us that not every guitar needs to play the lead.

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The Unholy Blow Job

This Catholic Church logo is allegedly from 1973 and it won a Los Angeles design award. 

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The Burning Hand

We all know a match burns twice.

Few realize hot water burns forever.

Boiled water in a cup spilled once on your wrist burns you twice on your hand then thrice on your leg — and on and on in evaporating, fiery, droplets — as you react and flinch until there’s nothing left of you to burn.

A Lesson for Scooter in Paris

Are we sick of Paris Hilton yet?
Will we ever be rid of her now or is she now an American meme a powerful as Plymouth Rock?
Have we tired of her Weeping Semiotic?

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