The Tar Pit Recommendation

Writing a letter of recommendation is usually an ordinary experience, but there are times when writing such a letter can become a tar pit of emotion and psychic distress. You feel suspended in amber as you search for the right phrase to recommend a person who deserves no recognition. Are you required — by moral pitch or professional bitumen — to write a letter of recommendation even if that person did not live up to your expectation or the requirements of the task?

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From Russia with Lust

I receive email pleas and scams all the time but, the following letter was especially interesting for its wonderful pretend warmth and cunning, hazy, directness. I am posting it exactly how it was formatted and spelled. For a moment, I thought this was a nice note from the eKaterina I know, but, alas, it was not from her. Take the following note — edited down a bit to remove repetitiveness — as a warning and a wonderment. 

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Letter to Heaven

by Tammy Tillotson

“All uncertainty is fruitful… so long as it is accompanied
by the wish to understand.” —Antonio Machado

Dear God:

Hello again. It’s just me, but of course you probably already knew that. Some of your faithful church followers have informed me that my presence is greatly missed on Sundays. I have been assured that you are quite disappointed in me as a result of my poor attendance record. Though I was saddened by the reactions of these followers, I have not changed my decision to rejoin your congregation. I do not expect these individuals to accept my thoughts and feelings, but I felt compelled to share my perspective with you.

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