Red in Tooth and Claw: The Language of Killing

Who trusted God was love indeed And love Creation’s final law – Tho’ nature, red in tooth and claw With ravine, shriek’d against his creed –

“In Memoriam” (1842) is one of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s greatest poems. Anyone for Tennyson?

Through poetry he found the truth and spake it.

Tennyson was Britain’s finest Poet Laureate and she shone in the Victorian Age as one of the brightest lighted minds in history.

Tennyson’s observation is a warning to us all: Nature is brutal.

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Qigong Empowerment

In my article, Qigong Q&A with Wen-Ching Wu, I posed questions to Wen-Ching Wu I had after reading his incredible book (written with Master Shou-Yu Liang), called: Qigong Empowerment. In this review of that book, I will detail the gems of enlightenment waiting for your discovery in Qigong Empowerment and the companion Health Maintenance Qigong videotape.

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