Lighthouse on the Prairie

by Steve Gaines

it was a time of longing for the past
or hoping for the future
it was a time caught at the stand still of a decade
the depression coming begrudgingly to an end
July boiling like a hot plate
days and nights of weather in the extreme
nineteen thirties afternoons
one hundred degree cauldrons
and people sleeping on the grass
sleeping on the roof on the fire escape
and somewhere in the blare of headlines
war sending up its warnings
off in the distant east in Europe
a far away unknown place, exploding!

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Needles & Pins on Cape Hatteras Island

by Diane Buccheri

Due to excruciatingly high temperatures on the North Carolina mainland this summer, a thermal effect with hot winds over cooler seas has developed off the coast of a small island with a moving lighthouse. A chain of islands called the Outer Banks lies in the Atlantic ocean fifty miles east of the North Carolina mainland. The ocean breaks onto the eastern side of these islands while a body of water referred to as the Sound gently laps the western side of the island. The Sound stretches fifty miles to the mainland. Basically, the Outer Banks act as a barrier, protecting the mainland from the powerful Atlantic waves. Just off the ocean side of one of these islands named Cape Hatteras Island is a compilation of shoals which has wrecked many a ship. Hence, the area s nickname, Graveyard of the Atlantic.
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